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    Aqualyte with Water splash

    We call it AquaLyte For Life because once you understand what AquaLyte can do for you, you'll be taking it for LIFE!

    You may think that you are drinking the best water available to you but we are going to let you in on a secret you are not! If you have never heard of AquaLyte before, you are in for a real surprise!
    AquaLyte is the first coral calcium supplement and is the best way to ensure that you are drinking the very best water you can get. It doesn't matter what the source is! Even ordinary tap water can become healthy water with AquaLyte! Did we also mention the money you will save? It turns drinking water into a powerful natural antioxidant and even neutralizes the chlorine content in your tap water.


    The Power Of Structure Water! Must See.

    Have you been searching for a natural breakthrough to improve, or restore your health?

    After researching health and nutrition for more than 40 years, we have some exciting news to share with you. Finally, we can reveal to you an almost lost secret of health and longevity that we have rediscovered.

    This has nothing to do with taking handfuls of tablets and pills and you won’t have to resort to a boring diet of carrots and celery either.

    What we are about to reveal is so remarkably simple it's as easy as drinking a glass of water. Yet it has the potential to take your health to a whole new level like nothing you've ever tried before.

    Our search for this secret involved scouring the farthest corners of the globe to find the easiest, yet most effective ways to help people just like you and me, to learn the truth about how to become healthier and live longer.

    The discovery of this simple secret taught us the root causes of pain, sickness, and premature aging. We never imagined it would be anything so simple, yet perfectly logical at the same time.

    Lets start by giving you a statement from the ancient philosopher Pericles that will help explain why you haven't heard about this before now. He said something that is actually quite astounding. He said: & sometimes the truth is so unbelievable, it escapes becoming known.

    Just think about that for a moment. The truth being so hard to believe that it isn't accepted and therefore remains unknown. We are about to reveal to you a secret that has remained hidden, simply because it was so simple that it seemed unbelievable.

    Up to now we have basically only had two options in regards to health:

    A. On one side, the medical establishment has led us to believe that the only way to restore health and eliminate pain is by taking toxic prescription drugs, or undergoing dangerous surgeries.

    B. On the other side, the alternative, natural health practitioners are telling us that we have to take handfuls of tablets and capsules, or follow a boring, tasteless diet. (Been there, done that.)

    Who is right? This may be shocking to you, but the answer is . . . neither.

    You see, we didn't stop our investigation with what is already being preached by that old split thinking.

    Plus it was obvious to us that both approaches had failed to heal the suffering masses of people . . . we knew we werent alone. We wanted to find out if there was a better, easier, simpler way and . . . that's exactly what we found!

    Before we reveal this amazing secret, we only ask that you promise to keep reading, because, as we said this is a very simple secret and we want to explain it to you to give you a deeper understanding of why it was almost lost.

    The Secret Of The Worlds Oldest Man!

    First, let me ask you a question. If you had the opportunity to search the whole world to find out how to live long, live healthy and live pain free, where would you start your search?

    We were faced with that same question and we came up with a basic answer: find the place where people already live longer, live healthier and live pain free. So that’s what we did, and guess where our search took us?


    Ryukyu Islands in the Okinawa Province of Japan.

    In fact, that's where we found the world's oldest living man. Actually, in 1979, the Guinness Book of World Records documented this man, Shigechiyo Izumi, who at the time was 115 years old and he made it all the way to 120 years and 237 days!

    Shigechiyo Izumi was not only the last recognized surviving person of the 1860s; he also held a second world record for & the longest career.

    Mr. Izumi had worked as a farmer spanning 98 years until he retired at the young age of 105!

    Click here to read more.

    Would you believe that he started smoking when he was 70 and regularly drank barley wine… impossible right???

    The World's Largest Double Blind Study Reveals The Okinawan Longevity Secret!

    The publicity aroused the curiosity of Japanese doctors and scientists who wanted to know his secret. What was it that he did differently to live so long? What made him so unique and so healthy? To their surprise, he wasn't unique at all! In fact, there were many others like him who were over 100 years of age, four times as many as there were living on the other islands.

    And according to the Japanese Ministry of Health, the Okinawans weren't dying of heart disease, stroke, or cancer at the same rate as people living on the other islands of Japan, either. What was their secret? It was their water!

    You see, unlike the other islands, the island of Okinawa is made of an ancient coral reef, much like Hawaii is made of an ancient volcano. When it rained, the water soaked into the ground and was affected by the coral minerals. It became rich with ionic minerals, it gained a higher pH, it became anti-oxidant, and it had the correct H2O structure (wetter).

    All of the water they drank, gave to their animals, and watered their crops with, was better than the water available on the other islands. All the while they were unaware of what was happening. Even the Ministry of Health didn't know. They were just gathering statistics. And that, my friend, is a double-blind study, and the “Secret of the World’s Oldest Man.”

    AquaLyte was invented in order to bring that same health-giving water to the rest of Japan. And now we bring AquaLyte to you.

    Remember . . .

    Water always has been and always will be the foundation of health. Period! That will never change.

    No matter what food you eat or what supplements you take, you still have to drink good clean water everyday, if you want to be and stay healthy. Adding AquaLyte to your water can take your health to a whole new level and help you feel better than you ever thought possible.

    Pricing is as follows:

    • 30 sachets – $25+shipping
    • 90 sachets – $75+shipping

    AquaLyte is one of our flag ship products.

    Everyone needs this product.

    • You can order AquaLyte from your shopping cart as you need the product
    • or you can setup a monthly autoship for your AquaLyte product and make sure you never run out.



    12 benefits you may experience from drinking AquaLyte!

    01: Increases oxygenation, improves energy levels and athletic performance.

    02: Helps to reduce, or eliminate aches and pains in joints and muscles.

    03: Helps to improve digestion and eliminate problems of over-acidity.

    04: Combats & acidosis which many doctors and scientists believe to be the root cause of most diseases.

    05: Turns water into a powerful anti-oxidant to shield your body from free radicals, before they can cause any harm.

    06: Helps to remove toxins at the cellular level.

    07: Helps protect your body from the effects of premature aging and wrinkles.

    08: Replenishes vital minerals lost in water treatment and bottled water, especially distilled and reverse osmosis which have no minerals.

    09: Helps to prevent bone loss associated with osteoporosis.

    10: Restructures water molecules for better absorption and hydration.

    11: Eliminates chlorine and removes chemicals in tap water.

    12: Aids any weight loss program.

    Your Blood Depends on the & Right Water!

    You require key minerals to alkalize your blood to keep the & electrical signals pumping and beating.

    I'm sure by now, you, like me have figured out the & right & water is responsible for all this and more.

    When your body becomes acidic, or dehydrated, your red blood cells (RBC) lose their natural negative charge. This causes them to change shape and stick together, clumping in large clusters. In this clumpy, sticky state your Red Blood Cells (RBC) are starving for water, nutrients and oxygen, slowing their ability to remove toxins and waste.

    This is one of the reasons heart disease is still so prevalent in America after all these years of treating people with drugs and surgery.

    In fact structured,living water helps to hydrate your Red Blood Cells (RBC) giving them a negative or & IONIC & charge. This IONIC charge allows them to bounce off each other and repel like tiny magnets, delivering their life giving goodness at a rapid pace.

    The right pH is the same as the right charge!

    FACT: Your heart has a 5,000 times stronger electromagnetic field than your brain!

    Most people who suffer from heart problems simply have a chronic case of dehydration, and acidosis,which has severely depleted all their magnesium and calcium away from their heart muscles.

    Chronic dehydration and mineral deficiency can lead to inflammation of the heart, irregular rhythms and sudden death.

    Being well hydrated with naturally structured water, empowered with key minerals, will put a glow on your skin, a bounce in your step and a joyful beat in your chest.

    Just think of this coral water as the mother load when it comes to mineral rich, alkaline, antioxidant water.

    Two time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling claimed, Nearly all disease can be traced to a mineral deficiency.

    Now here comes the best part!

    With the help of the Japanese inventor, we are now able to bring this special water directly to you. It's called AquaLyte, but it's not sold in bottles and it's not sold in stores.

    14 reasons for using AquaLyte Water Enhancing Sachets:

    01: Transforms regular drinking water into a powerful natural anti-oxidant, by lowering oxidation reduction potential (ORP).

    02: Replenishes vital trace minerals lost in water treatment and bottled water, especially distilled and reverse osmosis.

    03: Neutralizes chlorine in tap water, making drinking and cooking water healthier.

    04: Adds essential ionized calcium and magnesium which are highly absorbable.

    05: Breaks up water molecules for better assimilation into cell membranes, by lowering surface tension and iodyne measurement.

    06: Raises pH in drinking water to an alkaline level which can raise alkalinity of blood.

    07: Improves the taste and quality of water and other beverages.

    08: Helps strengthen bones and teeth by reducing body fluid acidity, as well as adding absorbable calcium, magnesium, and other synergistic trace minerals.

    09: Very unique portable sachet you can put in your pocket or purse to treat drinking water and other beverages anywhere you go (including Mexico).

    10: Makes measurable changes in the water beginning in just seconds.

    11: Great for enhancing your pets water and tropical fish aquariums.

    12: Used sachets can be added to the soil of potted plants.

    13: Highest quality and effectiveness of any coral product on the market.

    14: Effective with cooking water, sports drinks, fruit juices, alcoholic drinks, and all non-carbonated beverages

    Still Need A Reason Why AquaLyte Is Right For You?

    For optimal health, your body needs all 72 trace minerals every day to help balance your pH levels and protect you from the ravages of high acidity pH . . . even if you somehow managed to eat all the right foods you could only get trace amounts of about 8 critical minerals.

    That’s only a fraction of what your cells continually need!

    With AquaLyte you’ll be empowered by 72 synergistic minerals, including:

    * Phosphorous: needed for cellular energy (ATP) and helps build DNA and RNA.

    * Zinc: Every aspect of cell health depends on zinc including protein production.

    * Iodine: Called the universal cellular nutrient, you need more than 100 times the RDA!

    * Selenium: A powerful cellular antioxidant that also helps enzymes form functional proteins

    * Iron: Helps normal brain and nerve function by transporting oxygen to cells.

    * Copper: Helps develop and sustain the immune system function and red blood cells.

    * Manganese: Another powerful antioxidant that protects mitochondria power centers.

    * Chromium: Needed for healthy cholesterol, heart cells and blood sugar regulation.

    * Molybdenum: An important catalyst for virtually all life forms.

    * Calcium: Vital to nerve, brain and heart function and for healthy bone density.

    * Magnesium: Key for energy production in cells, bone, nerve and cardiovascular health.

    * Boron: Helps cells use calcium and magnesium for healthy skin, joints and bones.

    * Cobalt: Works with vitamin B12, nickel and vitamin C for healthy heart cell receptors.

    Plus 59 More Synergistic Trace Minerals Including Silver!

    Imagine feeling a higher energy level faster than you ever have before.

    Picture having significantly less inflammation and pain.

    Realize faster healing and detoxification responses.

    Envision thinking clearer and focusing longer!

    Discover How 100 is The New 80!!!

    Using AquaLyte sachets to replenish your drinking water naturally helps improved digestion, support bone density and nurture a healthy immune system.

    Not to mention help alleviate the cause of degenerative joint pain and inflammation.

    Within 30 days of using AquaLyte sachets you may even notice softer, smoother and more youthful feeling skin.

    By now you’ve seen how “The Okinawan Wonder ” (AquaLyte) can give you the leading edge you’re looking for whether it’s for performance and strength or overall enhancement of your health.

    Now you can experience how in only minutes AquaLyte can transform stagnant tap water into a fountain of youthful vitality by removing toxins and “re-structuring” it with “ionically” charged ancient ocean minerals identical to Okinawan coral.

    Your Health Is A Choice . . .. . . From Now On The Power Of Choice Is All Yours!

    You already know AquaLyte IS the solution you’ve been looking for . . . so why delay any longer?

    Isn’t it time you discovered how AquaLyte can turn ordinary drinking water into your own life giving elixir of energy?

    Today YOU discovered “why” groundbreaking Nobel-Prize-winning scientists, leading researchers and thousands of Japanese centenarians are drinking the “right” kind of water . . . now YOU know, why “re-structuring” your tap water with the original AquaLyte coral mineral sachets is the missing key to vibrant health and longevity for you and your loved ones.

    Drinking water that has been enhanced with AquaLyte coral mineral sachets may also enhance your health by accomplishing the following:

    * Increase pH to a healthier, more alkaline level.

    * Adding important minerals in a highly absorbable “IONIC” form

    * Restructuring water molecules for superior hydration

    * Neutralizing chlorine and other chemicals

    * Making water a powerful anti-oxidant

    Pricing is as follows:

    • 30 sachets – $25+shipping
    • 90 sachets – $75+shipping

    AquaLyte is one of our flag ship products.

    Everyone needs this product.

    • You can order AquaLyte from your shopping cart as you need the product
    • or you can setup a monthly autoship for your AquaLyte product and make sure you never run out.



    If you skipped everything else you need to quick READ THIS!

    With AquaLyte Sachets you can HELP . . .

    . . . Increase or improve hydration at the intra and extracellular levels in 22 seconds flat!

    . . . Detox cells through superior hydration!

    . . . Balance pH by establishing alkalinity!

    . . . Double immune system response in only 7 days!

    . . . Maintain normal blood pressure levels!

    . . . Increase oxygen content of blood!

    . . . Alleviate high altitude sickness!

    . . . Increase thought processing, mental awareness and creativity!

    . . . Reduce swollen joints associated with arthritis!

    . . . Establish better health and over all vitality!



    Here are 4 final reasons why AquaLyte is the “right” kind of water for you!

    1 Aqualyte creates an energetic environment in which ordinary water can re-structure itself.

    2 AquaLyte’s “select” Okinawan coral granules are “IONICALLY” charged with 72 trace minerals that breakdown the low energy larger water clusters into smaller, high energy water molecules.

    3 AquaLyte’s powerful water enhancing effects also lowers surface tension, improving natural hydrating qualities for superior cellular absorption (bioavailability).

    4 AquaLyte’s structured water is able to “imprint” the energetic signal of your DNA and RNA.

    AquaLyte’s coral mineral sachets transform tap water into “empowered” water which holds more stable oxygen

    * This high oxygen content permits maximum cellular absorption.

    * Dead, tap water can’t be used by cells.

    * Distilled and Reverse Osmosis (RO) water pulls out electrolytes and carries very little oxygen.

    Acidity & Mineral Deficiency

    Do you want better health? Drink More Water! Click here to read more.

    Have questions about Cancer and Acid and Alkaline? Click here to read more.

    AquaLyte as a water purifier. Click here to know more.

    Compare tap water crystals to coral water crystals. Click here to see the example.

    Click here for a Coral Calcium Brochure.

    Instructions for Using AquaLyte
    How much water should I drink?

    Adults should drink a minimum of 2 liters (or quarts) of clean water daily. Heavier people need more water, children need less. A person weighing 200 lbs. would need 3 liters daily. You should drink about 1/2 ounce of water for every pound of body weight.

    What kind of water?

    Good, clean water will be fine. However, distilled or reverse osmosis water is best, because it doesn’t have any minerals and allows for more of the coral minerals to be released in the water. (Minerals occupy space, so less minerals means more space.) Any water can be used and you will still get benefits. Even chlorinated water will work, because the coral sachet will neutralize chlorine. The coral sachet is also designed to help kill bacteria in water, but needs longer contact time in the water (30 minutes or more).

    How much AquaLyte do I use?

    30 sachets are a 1 month supply. One sachet (mini-bag) will treat up to 2 liters (or qts.). Two sachets can treat up to 1 gallon. Always wait at least 5 minutes (or more) before drinking. However, if you are suffering from health problems, you can use 2 (or more) sachets for faster results. Details: If using 2 sachets, use 1 sachet per liter, when drinking 2 liters (or qts.) per day. It is best to only drink water that has been treated with AquaLyte, for faster results. The idea is to replace the water currently in your body with AquaLyte water. That means you are literally “flushing out” the old water. Since your body is about 70% water, your blood is about 90% water, and your organs are more than 50% water, then having better water means better health.

    Do I open the sachet and dump the granules into the water?

    Just put the sachet directly into the water like a tea bag. You can open it, but be careful not to drink the granules. (The granules don’t dissolve completely.) Eating the granules won’t hurt you, but they may get stuck in your teeth. In the event of “food poisoning”, we have reports of benefits from opening a sachet and dumping it on your tongue, then washing it down with water. If the sachet floats in the water, then it has trapped air, and it will still work. (Twist sachet to prevent air bubbles.)

    Are there any side effects?

    Since it is only minerals added to water, there are hardly any side effects and no interference with medications. It is safe for children, too. However, rarely there can be “detox” effects as your body is cleansed of toxins and acid waste, such as mild headache, or diarrhea.

    Can I re-use the sachets?

    AquaLyte sachets are designed to be used only once. There is some residual effect if used the second time, but it is not as strong as the first time. You can let them accumulate in the water container up to a week, if you are refilling the same container.

    Other uses of AquaLyte

    The sachets are designed to be used only once. You can let them accumulate in the water up to a week, if you are refilling the same container. You can air-dry the used sachets and sprinkle the granules on your pet’s food, put into tropical fish tanks, or put on the soil of potted plants, or on your garden. Use your imagination to come up with other uses.

    Pricing is as follows:

    • 30 sachets – $25+shipping
    • 90 sachets – $75+shipping

    AquaLyte is one of our flag ship products.

    Everyone needs this product.

    • You can order AquaLyte from your shopping cart as you need the product
    • or you can setup a monthly autoship for your AquaLyte product and make sure you never run out.



    Wholesale pricing available!

    In addition to earning cycle bonus commissions on sales that are generated from your team of IBOs you can also earn a 30% retail commission on sales made by customers who purchase AquaLyte from your retail site. And you can also purchase a 24 pack of AquaLyte for Life at 50% off retail from your back office.

    Acid Test

    This checklist will SURPRISE You! Check any that apply to you, then see results below (No information is actually submitted, this is only for your personal evaluation)

    After you CHECK the boxes, look below!

    Beginning Symptoms: Intermediate Symptoms: Advanced Symptoms:


    Muscular pain

    Cold hands & feet


    Low energy

    Joint pain that travel

    Food allergies

    Sensitivities to orders, gas heat, etc


    Panic attacks

    Pre-menstrual & menstrual cramping

    Pre-menstrual anxiety & depression

    Lack of sex drive

    Bloating or heartburn

    Diarrhea or constipation

    Burning urine

    Strong smelling urine

    Mid headaches

    Rapid panting breath

    Rapid heartbeat

    White coated tongue

    Difficulty waking up

    Excess head mucous (stuffiness)

    Metallic taste in mouth

    Cold Sores (Herpes I & II)


    Loss of memory

    Loss of concentration


    Disturbances 4 senses



    Hay fever




    Viral infections (colds, flu)

    Bacterial Infections (staph, strep)

    Fungal infections




    Urinary infection



    Excessive hair loss




    Numbness & tingling


    Crohn’s disease


    Learning disabilities

    Hodgkin’s disease

    Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

    Multiple Sclerosis


    Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Myasthenia Gravis




    All other forms of cancer

    Beginning Symptoms:

    If you have checked just one of the beginning symptoms, then you probably have a mild case of acidity (Acid) that is building up in your body. Start now to neutralize the acid before it becomes severe.

    Intermediate or Advance Symptoms:

    If you have checked just 2 or more, then you are very likely to have a buildup of acid throughout your body. Acidity interferes with the normal function of organs, glands, and muscles. Acid tears down (catabolic) while Alkaline builds up (anabolic).

    AquaLyte (Neutralizes) & Ionyte (Rebuilds) To the Rescue!

    Most health problems, including pain, originate in an acidic environment. If you eat and drink mostly acidic foods and drinks, then you’ll have an acidic (ACID) body.

    Think About This:

    • Our bodies are 70% water, and blood is 90% water.
    • Healthy blood pH is 7.35 – 7.45
    • High Alkaline Water (8.5pH – 10.50pH) with minerals combats DAILY ACID BUILD-UP.
    • Crabs die when the water reaches a pH of 6
    • Fish die at a pH of 3
    • The “soft drinks” we love are around a pH of 2.5, with less pH than alcohol!
    It makes sense to drink AquaLyte Alkaline Water.

    How do we stay alive? The body FIGHTS HARD to keep us alkaline, even if that means STEALING Minerals from your bones to neutralize acid, EVERYDAY. Therefore, our body needs to constantly Neutralize acid and Rebuild its supply of electrolytes & amp; minerals.

    Why Coral Calcium?

    Coral calcium originated from Japan many years ago. It was introduced in USA in 1995 by Fred Kaufman and is known as coral calcium by AquaLyte. This product comes in form of tea bags or sachets that contain granules that purify ordinary water and make it healthier to drink.

    This unique product has a very interesting history. Back in 1979, the oldest man on earth was discovered by the Guinness book of records in the Japanese island of Okinawa. At that time, he was aged 115 years and died later aged 120 years. His secret to living a long and healthy life was simply by use of AquaLyte.

    This discovery raised eyebrows among the Japanese people and the government asked scientists to make further investigations. They discovered that most people on the island were over 100 years old. Further investigations revealed that their secret lay in the water they drank.

    The Island of Okinawa was made up of ancient coral reef. When rain water soaked the ground, it affected the minerals making the water rich with ionic minerals and gave it the correct structure. This made their animals stronger and the crops healthier. When this secret was shared with the world, it led to the production of this product, AquaLyte Coral Calcium.

    Using these water enhancing sachets is very beneficial to your body as it increases pH of drinking water to alkaline levels which in turn raise blood alkalinity. It adds essential minerals to the body like calcium and magnesium which are easily absorbed. This assists in strengthening teeth and bones by minimizing acidity of body fluids. It also improves the taste and quality of water and other beverages.

    Jeremy Hawkins

    A MUST TRY! OUR Vibrant Energy Drink... Healthy Energy.

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